Educational Supports


Exceptional Children’s Assistance Center (ECAC) is a private, nonprofit parent organization committed to improving the lives and education of all children through a special emphasis on children with disabilities and special healthcare needs. ECAC helps parents navigate the special education system, know their rights, and use their voices. We provide information, support, training, and resources to assist families caring for children with special needs from birth to age 26.

IEP Road Map for Families

The Exceptional Children’s Assistance Center (ECAC) has created a document that can help families better understand an IEP. The roadmap shows what an IEP generally looks like and then breaks down each section with tips on what to include and an explanation of special education terminology. 



Painting the Big Picture

Parents and other family members help to “paint the big picture” when they share who their child is, what they can do, and how others can relate and respond to the child. When parents share what they know about their children, school staff can better support their students to learn, participate and succeed. This worksheet may be particularly helpful to introduce a child to a new teacher, coach, or caregiver or to contribute to the child’s IEP, 504 Plan, or Medical/Healthcare Plan.


Understood is a nonprofit dedicated to shaping the world for difference. They provide resources and support so people who learn and think differently can thrive — in school, at work, and throughout life. Understood provides the tools and information to navigate challenges, improve skills, discover strengths, and find support. Their digital resources and community help people with differences, and those who support them build confidence.